Memphis Locally Grown is an informal membership-based neighborhood cooperative serving small growers, garden hobbyists, craftsmen and Memphians that realize the value of locally grown or made products.

Growers of all sizes are welcome, however, one of our main goals is to provide a no barrier entry point for new urban growers and local entrepreneur types. We want to provide small backyard or community garden growers, nonprofits that promote urban gardening such as GrowMemphis and BridgesUSA, an opportunity to sell some of their efforts and ultimately build a stronger community around local products.

This makes us a complement to our Memphis Farmers Markets and local CSA efforts by allowing part-time farmers and hobbyists to also participate in the locally grown community.

We are a not-for-profit volunteer run organization, all proceeds go back to the sellers and cost for operations. We will also hold online fundraisers for annual projects that will benefit our community.

We opened the market on February 3rd 2009 so come and join us!

If you want to know how the market works, please visit our Q’s and A’s section above.

For more questions email <FONT COLOR= "red">Aaron Shafer at memphislocallygrown@gmail.com.

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