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Naples,FL:  market closes Sunday noon


Suwanee Whole Life Co-op:  Reminder: Order by 6pm today

Just a friendly reminder, if you haven’t already placed your order, that market orders are due online by 6 pm TODAY. Place your order now so you don’t forget!

Please remember that we need to hit certain minimums in order for our farmers and vendors to deliver to us.

Thank you for placing your order and supporting local farms and businesses!

Click Here to Place Your Order For THURSDAY pick up

THIS ORDER IS FOR THURSDAY PICK UP AT SUWANEE LOCATION (1300 Peachtree Ind. Blvd, Suite 1104, Suwanee 30024 at Cultured Traditions)

*If you want to order from BUFORD LOCALLY GROWN pick up on TUESDAYS Click here to be redirected to Buford website


Buford Locally Grown :  Reminder: Order by 6pm today

Just a friendly reminder, if you haven’t already placed your order, that market orders are due online by 6 pm TODAY. Place your order now so you don’t forget.

Please remember that we need to hit certain minimums in order for our farmers and vendors to deliver to us.

Thank you for placing your order and supporting local farms and businesses!

Click Here to Place Your Order


Conway, AR:  Opening Bell: Okra, Jelly, Cucumbers, Eggs!

Good afternoon!
It’s okra time! Get some of this summertime favorite and try it in a new recipe. If you have a dehydrator, I suggest making okra chips. Like potato chips, they’re light and crispy. Just cut 1/2 inch slices, sprinkle with Beaverfork Blend, and put them in the dehydrator overnight.

Have you always wanted to try canning? If so, now is a good time to try your hand at making pickles, jellies, or even pickled okra. Lots of easy and delicious recipes are available online. You can do it!

Be sure to get some grilling meat from Bar C Farm. They have andouille and Italian sausage on sale for $5 and they are both delicious!

Take some time and browse over 525 items available this week. Get your favorites, and try something new too!

This is the time of year when we see new items every week so be sure to search for your favorite items using the search field.

Most items are listed by 6pm Sunday, but check back again before the market closes Tuesday night to see if any other items are ready to be harvested for you! Eat fresh! Eat local! Eat for better health!

And save your eggshells throughout the week for the laying hens! :-)

The market is now OPEN for orders. Click here to start shopping:

Please check your email a few minutes after you place your order to make sure you get an order confirmation. Thank you for being a valuable part of CLG!
Have a great week!

Dothan, Alabama:  July 15 Market Newsletter

We are now open to accept orders.
Orders close Tuesday at 5pm

This Week’s Newsletter:
Beat the Heat
In Season
Market ChitChat
Grower Notes


It’s July. It’s hot as blue blazes, and unless you’re a first year resident you know that it will be hot like this through August and into September. As a young woman I used to tell myself “only ‘x’ number of weeks till the nights start cooling down.” I’m afraid it’s a little early for that, and thankfully things like Christmas in July, Back to School Sales (and tax free weekend) can help get our minds off it a little.

The National Safety Counsel recognizes heat exposure as a cause of death and the CDC recorded 7,233 heat related deaths between 1999 – 2009. That being said, what follows is a smattering of food and non food ideas that may or may not be useful. All are offered in the spirit of wishing you safety, cool, comfort and joy (opps on the Christmas reference!) for the remainder of the summer!

Ok, the photo quality isn’t the best, but the idea IS! Cut up dollar store sponges, tie with ponytail holders,
provide a few pails with ice water and INSTANT PARTY for kiddos of all ages! Guaranteed cooling.

“In the summer, cooling foods like watermelon can act like internal A/C, while in the winter,
warming foods like meat, spices, and root vegetables can act like an internal space heater.” from Men’s Fitness.

”Wash clothes in cold water and air dry in front of a fan. This tip works the same as placing
a tray or bowl of ice water in front of a fan to increase the chill factor."
Who would have thought this advice from the Multiple Sclerosis Association actually described a Swamp Cooler!


”Try storing lotions or cosmetic toners in the refrigerator to use on hot, overtired feet”
is one of 15 “stay cool” suggestions from Medicine Net.


“Here’s another good idea for you. As you know, with me trying so hard to stay off processed foods I’m always searching for new ideas. I love cooking with those canned rotel style tomatoes and decided to make my own. I used Restoration Gardens tomatoes, Avalon Farms Kinston onions and Mariachi peppers as well as the Soshito peppers I bought from Mayim Farm. I chopped the onions and peppers, carefully removing the seeds, and then scalded, skinned and diced the tomatoes. I filled each pint jar with 2 TBS pepper mixture and 1/4 cup onions. Put these this into the jar first so it will be at the bottom. Add the diced tomatoes and 1/2 TSP salt. Add the canning flat and ring and process in a boiling water bath for 35 minutes.

Yowza! A little spicy but oh so very good. The blend of the 2 peppers gives it a very unique taste. You can use less, or more peppers, to suit your individual taste.

I like using a jar as a base for chili or substitute in one to zip up my spaghetti sauce. My hubby ate one jar like a dip with tortilla chips.”

Happy munching,


We appreciate the effort everyone made to pick up their orders a little earlier on Friday. We were able to wrap things up and get out of the heat a little earlier because of it. A huge THANK YOU to Viki (Richter Farms) and Kathy (Kathy’s Churpers) whose assistance makes your wait brief and whose company makes the Market oh so enjoyable!

For those of you who follow To Work With My Hands, Karen has another Facebook Live Hometalk video demonstration scheduled for July 25! You can catch a sneak peek at what she will be doing on her webpage.


We have the best Growers in the Wiregrass! Please learn more about them on our Grower Page.

AVALON FARMS: Just received my latest seed order. It’s truly Christmas in July…big box comes in the mail with all kinds of goodies inside. Now I’ve got to get working on those seedbeds and transplants. It’s hard to think about cool weather plants when it feels like 112 outside.

Will have more squash in a few weeks. Latest planting has its first couple of blooms. The previous planting succumbed to the mildew from all the rain.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer….school will be starting soon. (All the moms say Yay!)

D’S JELLIES D’s Hot Pepper Jelly is now available! Jalapeno, Sweet Banana, Cayenne, and Bell Peppers have matured and are beautiful shades of yellow/gold, orange, and red. D’s Hot Pepper Jelly gets its color from the colors of the peppers that are used to make it. The flavor is a wonderful blend of the peppers. Sweet with a hint of heat! Just right on a Ritz Cracker with cream cheese. So good!

Redneck Caviar, or Cowboy Caviar as some call it, is one of those hearty COOL salads
that are versatile enough that it can be made with fresh or canned ingredients.

HAWKINS HOMESTEAD Finally! These chickens have grown up and are ready for harvesting. We will be offering our fresh organic whole chickens this week. Organically raised and fed from hatch to harvest! You will be getting one whole bird, fresh, tender, and ready to cook!

DANNY’S GREENS: The lettuce greens are growing real slow because of the heat so we don’t have a whole lot listed this week. We expect it to be this way till the weather starts cooling down a bit. Thanks for your support and understanding.

HORTONS FARM: Four Packs of Fire Ant First are relisted. If you work or play outdoors this is a summertime MUST for all insect bites. The four packs make it easy to keep one by the back door, one in the purse, one in the medicine cabinet, and one for the husband or child’s pocket.

SMITH FARMS: Lamb is back!!

WORKING COWS DAIRY: Last week we relisted out products after being on vacation in Holland. Thank you to everyone who tried our organic yogurt. We just started listing buttermilk too in addition to our organic beef products and Rinsk’es Cheese. Thank you for your support of our family farm. We are Alabama’s ONLY Organic Dairy and the long journey it took to get here ensures that you get the highest quality dairy products available anywhere.


We would love to hear from you! If you have a favorite recipe, want to write a product review, have an idea or request for an article or information, let us know! You can reply to this newsletter or write

Market Schedule
Order Saturday 5pm to Tuesday 5pm weekly for Pickup the following Friday
Dothan Pickup: Dothan Nurseries, 1300 Montgomery Highway, Dothan, AL 36303
Daleville Pickup: Daleville Chamber of Commerce Office

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We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Champaign, OH:  Feelin' Groovy

Slow down, you move too fast
You got to make the morning last
Just kicking down the cobblestones
Looking for fun and feeling groovy
Ba da-da da-da da-da, feeling groovy…
(Simon&Garfunkel-59th Street Bridge Song)

Why not take it easy on this beautiful Saturday morning, and look at all of the products on our market, and then place your orders!!

Each week, we add more and more produce, vendors, and products…check us out!!

This past Thursday was extra fun at market pick up, because we actually had a micro market within our market, in the lobby of the YMCA.

It was fun to have vendors connect with customers, who usually do not get that opportunity to do this!!

Go ahead…get groovy, and give us a try…

Cosmic Pam

Statesboro Market2Go:  The market is open!

Thank you for shopping!

Miami County Locally Grown:  What does it mean to offer FRESH produce?

Two comments this week sure surprised me…

I had someone ask me if the market sold FRESH produce… and I would argue, unless you were picking it from your own backyard, you’re not going to find FRESHER produce than what we harvest for you THE DAY you pick-up your order!

Then, while giving a presentation to a small group of women, the observation was made how tasteless grocery store tomatoes were compared to heirloom tomatoes they were eating for the first time.

They were astounded when I remarked how far those grocery store tomatoes had to travel, and how early they must be picked to handle mechanized harvesting, hundreds if not thousands of miles in transit, weeks of sitting waiting to be purchased…

It’s a wonder such produce could have any taste at all!

Talking to those women made me appreciate our growers and customers that much more -
here was a group of women, from my age to my mother’s, who had never considered how far their food had to travel, or what it meant to be truly FRESH.

We’re ready to custom-harvest and bake just for you! But only til Sunday at 8pm :-)

Heritage Farm :  Store is open....Come on in.

Store is open….come on in!!

Online store order here>>> The Whole Shebang

Holiday Turkeys for 2017 are on reservation now! We only have 100 birds available this year so get them before they are gone!!!ORDER THEM HERE>>>>> Turkeys

Pre-Orders for August chickens are underway now as well. Great deal on bulk boxes available too!!!ORDER THEM HERE>>>>> Chicken

ORDER THEM HERE>>>>> Specials

Delivery Locations and times


2017 Farmers Market Schedule

Peachtree Road Farmers Market Saturdays 8:30-12
Sandy Springs Farmers Market Saturdays 8:30-12
Roswell Farmers and Artisans Market Saturdays 8:30-12
Brookhaven Farmers Market
Saturdays 9-12
Peachtree Road Farmers Market Wednesdays 4:30-8 pm

Please support your local, small scale, non-soy/non-gmo, pasture raised, beyond organic and customer driven farmers!!
(That’d be us!

Thanks in advance!
The Hutchins Family
Heritage Farm

Northeast GA Locally Grown:  Market is open for orders!

Good Evening Locavores!

Northeast Georgia Locally Grown is open for orders!
Go to the market now >>
Baked Goods
See all products

PICKUP TIME is Wednesday from 5-6:30pm!

Thank you for choosing Northeast Georgia Locally Grown as a way to support your local producers. This online farmers market allows you to buy directly from multiple farms committed to chemical-free and local produce all year long! CHEMICAL-FREE means produce and pastures grown without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, or insecticides. LOCAL means within 80 miles from the market pickup locations (usually much much closer). Do you know someone who grows chemical-free food in the area? Get them in touch with us. Know someone who wants fresh food? Spread the word. Put the two together, and that’s growing organically!