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Statesboro Market2Go:  The market is open!

Thank you for shopping!

Northeast GA Locally Grown:  Market is open for orders!

Good Evening Locavores!

Northeast Georgia Locally Grown is open for orders!
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Chemical-free Fruit
Fresh Vegetables
Baked Goods with Organic ingredients
Gluten-free products
Pastured Eggs
Clean Meat
See all products

PICKUP TIME is Wednesday from 5-6:30pm!

Thank you for choosing Northeast Georgia Locally Grown as a way to support your local producers. This online farmers market allows you to buy directly from multiple farms committed to chemical-free and local produce all year long! CHEMICAL-FREE means produce and pastures grown without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, or insecticides. LOCAL means within 80 miles from the market pickup locations (usually much much closer). Do you know someone who grows chemical-free food in the area? Get them in touch with us. Know someone who wants fresh food? Spread the word. Put the two together, and that’s growing organically!

Conway, AR:  BBQ and Squash. CLG Pickup TODAY 4-6pm. Bring eggshells, glass jars, & egg cartons please.

Good morning!

Strack farm will have Zucchini and yellow squash on the extra table today! Cedar rock Ridge will have lots of fall decorating the corn as well. Come early for the best selection!

Maria will have delicious BBQ pulled pork at the market today, along with all of her other goodies.

This is a pickup reminder for those of you who ordered this week. Thank you for your order! You can pick up your order from 3:30 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. today at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church at 925 Mitchell Street in Conway.

Usually our awesome volunteers have the market ready for customers to pick up before 4pm. If you are out and about and want to know if we are ready, just text me to see: 501-339-1039.

If something comes up that you cannot personally pick up your order today, please contact someone to pick up for you.

Remember to bring your EGGSHELLS, glass jars for recycling, egg cartons, and bags for ordered items. Reduce, reuse, recycle! See you this afternoon.

Come early for the best selection from the EXTRAS table! Even if you didn’t make an order, you can come by to shop the EXTRAS table.

Heirloom Living Market Lilburn:  PLEASE READ! Market is Open for ordering!

The Market is open for ordering!

I hope that you all are safe and are recovering if you experienced outage or damage from the storm!

I know that many folks are still without electric and it can make life very difficult. Some of our Farmers were hit hard with damage from the wind and water produced by Hurricane Irma. Sam Jones and Greg Hutchins have both had to contend with downed trees destroying and/or damaging fences and out-buildings. Greg also had flooded fields. Dabrielle and Bruce of My Daily Bread lost electric on Monday and still are in the dark! Yet, all of our resilient, hard working, passionate and dedicated folks are back on the Market this week! Please keep them in your prayers and include a word of encouragement/thanks on your orders! Our Farmers/Growers/Artisans are the reason we can offer you fresh, local, nutrient dense, delicious food every week! Let’s show our support for their dedication and their efforts!

Fry Farm is back this week with their FABULOUS Harvest Boxes! Be sure and get your order in!

All Cow Milk Orders and Egg Orders from CEDAR ROCK MUST be in by 8:00pm SUNDAY!!

If you miss this deadline, you miss your milk next week. Originally, we had thought that sending a text to Sam with late orders would work; however, it is way too cumbersome to keep track of late orders and neither Sam or I have the time to do it. Please get your orders in on time! Thank you for your cooperation!

Want to add a comment for your Farmer? Please use Box directly under the product on the Check-out Page. Comments put in Large Text Box at Bottom of Page DO NOT get seen by the Farmer!

Ordering for both the Lilburn Market and the Snellville Market will happen at:

Heirloom Living Market

Remember to Order:

Bakery Goods – My Daily Bread
Eggs – Cedar Rock Dairy (by 8:00pm Sunday!)
Eggs – Little Tots Estate
Grass-fed Meats – Heritage Farm
Gluten Free Bakery – No Gluten Inc.
Grains & Flour – So-Koi
Medicinal Salves – Bella Vista Farm
Medicinal Teas – Bella Vista Farm
Microgreens – Cedar Seeder Wellness Farm
Mushrooms – Bella Vista Farm
Natural Personal Care Products – Bella Vista Farm
Raw Cow Milk – Cedar Rock Dairy (by 8:00pm Sunday!)
Raw Goat Milk – Little Tots Estate
Spices & Seasonings – So-Koi
Veggies – Back River Farm
Doug’s Garden
Fry Farm
Grow with the Flow
The Veggie Patch

Ordering and Pickup Information

Snellville Pickup Location
Cedar Seeder Wellness Farm
Pickup Day and Time: Thursday 2:30pm – 5:30pm
Pickup Location:
The Farm
4108 Anderson Livsey Lane
Snellville, GA 30039

Click Here for Map

Lilburn Pickup Location
All Saints Lutheran Church
Pickup Day and Time: Thursday 3:30pm – 6:30pm
Pickup Location:
722 Rockbridge Road SW
Lilburn, GA 30047

Click Here for Map

Take me to Heirloom Living Market.

All Cow Milk and Egg Orders from Cedar Rock MUST be in by 8:00pm SUNDAY!!

Take me to Heirloom Living Market.

Heirloom Living Market Facebook

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BUY LOCAL ~ Know your Farmer!

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op:  Market is OPEN for orders!

Newsletter will go out this afternoon! Pie pumpkins from Gibson Farm and more.

The market is now open for ordering!
Click link to order:

If you do NOT receive a confirmation email immediately after you placed your order, then your items are still in your cart and your order is not complete. *All orders must be placed by 6pm on Sunday.

Pick up is on THURSDAY at 1300 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Suite 1104, Suwanee at Cultured Traditions from 1 pm to 3 pm.

We take checks, cash, DWOLLA, PayPal, and credit card. To pay by credit card click “Pay Now” button at the bottom of the check out page. I don’t run credit cards until after pick up on Thursdays.

*If you want to order from BUFORD LOCALLY GROWN to pick up on TUESDAYS at KCO Audio from 1 to 6:30 pm Click here to be redirected to Buford website


Buford Locally Grown :  Market is OPEN for orders!

Newsletter will go out this afternoon – Fry Farm Harvest boxes back on market and pie pumpkins from Gibson farm!

The market is now open for ordering!
Click link to order:

If you do NOT receive a confirmation email immediately after you placed your order, then your items are still in your cart and your order is not complete. *All orders must be placed by 6pm on Sunday.

Pick up is on Tuesday at 285 E. Moreno St. Buford 30518 from 1 pm to 6:30 pm. Pick up is behind the building on S. Hill St.

We take checks, cash, and credit card. To pay by credit card click “Pay Now” button at the bottom of the check out page. I don’t run credit cards until after pick up on Tuesdays.

Champaign, OH:  Just Like That!

Another market week opens!

There are a couple of vendors in vacation mode for next week!!

They will return soon, but sometimes, our vendors need a recharge!!

Thank you for always supporting this market!! You make it a lovely time, each week!!

Cosmic Pam

Miami County Locally Grown:  Farm Tour includes Outdoor Bake Oven demos!

Have you signed up for the Farm Tour at 6635 StudeBaker in Tipp City?

Wednesday Sept 20th, from 5-7pm, you’ll be WOWed with her gorgeous outdoor brick bake oven, and amazed as you watch (or help!) power the bicycle to grind local wheat, grown on End of the Road Farm!

Then sample crackers straight out of the oven, and try your hand at some old-fashioned farm tasks, such as shelling corn and churning butter – a food tasting, history lesson, and night out for the family, all in one!

Sign up on The Market under FARM TOURS before 8pm Sunday :-)

Old99Farm Market:  Old 99 Farm, week of Sept 10 2018

We’ve got lots to offer, 89 items to be exact. And so come on out at least once this summer for just-picked produce. Today I am adding baby chard to the list; we had a great crop of perpetual Green Chard, more flavourful than the coloured chards, in the greenhouse. It went to seed before we removed it, and now have several beds full of young chard, suitable for salads or steaming as a side dish, putting smoothies, soups etc.

Also now ready are new crop carrots, beets and lettuce, to add to the cantaloupe, squash, tomatoes (including Beefsteak), garlic, cilantro, parsley, watermelon, chives, Russet potatoes, onions, kale, spinach and arugula.

In the fruits department: apples, blackberries, pears, asian pears, and as mentioned melons and tomatoes.

Meats are still available in good selection. If you want roasting chickens for next winter, please give me your order and deposit of $5 per bird. I have beef, pork, lamb and goose in the freezer.

Here’s a curious quote to put the urgent climate disruption issue into perspective: “If you were going to weaponize an issue to take advantage of the weak points in the American political system—to highlight all the blind spots, dysfunctions, and irrationalities—you would create climate change,” Ezra Klein wrote last year. “And then you would stand back and watch the world burn.”

For a even-handed treatment of the trends, risks and consequences, see the UK site, Envisonation, which includes an action plant that concludes, “The work required to enact the above will require huge resources to be employed, it will be the biggest economic generator ever and because the result is a secure and stable future, confidence will soar, as efficiency not growth becomes the deciding factor.”

“Too hard to do you say?”

So now who is the prophet of doom?

Healthy Eating
Ian and Cami

Independence,VA:  Market is OPEN for Sept. 20th pickup!

Good evening!

The market is open for orders! Be sure to peruse the “Processed Foods” section if you haven’t lately. Our vendors have been working hard to offer a wide variety of yummy canned goods!

To Shop: Independence Farmers Market.

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, September 24th, from 2-5 pm, we will be picking apples at Sweet Water Farm on Briar Patch Rd. in Fries. Apples will be used to press at the market and sell as cider to raise funds for the market.

FALL FINALE is October 13TH! Join us for our final day of the outdoor market for the 2017 season! Our apple dessert contest AND giant pumpkin contest, both win a $100 first prize! We’ll also have a community apple pressing! If you have apples and/or containers to donate, please let us know!

Thank you for supporting the Independence Farmers Market!