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Greener Acres Farm:  Last Minute Addition -- CHESTNUTS !!

Last Minute Addition — CHESTNUTS !!

Farmer Cathie at Green"er" Acres Farm, spent the morning playing squirrel !! She gathered 21 pounds of Chestnuts from the trees on the farm. There are still more on the trees, if the squirrels don’t beat her to them.

We are offering them in half pound and pound bags. A seasonal item, they are only available for a short time in the fall, and as we mentioned, you have to beat the squirrels to them.

If you have already placed your order for the week, no worries, you can simply go into your order and edit it, or simply place a second order.

We will be trying to gather Shagbark Hickory nuts this week (again, if we can beat the squirrels to them) and we soon being gathering Black Walnuts.

Old99Farm Market:  Old 99 Farm, week of Sept 24 2017

Wow what a hotspell, ground is really drying up but still a way ahead of last year. Greenhouses are really too hot, can’t get the heat out of them. But it means lots of ripe tomatoes, the yellow plum type, red slicing and jumbo beefsteak.

I look for the orders friday morning to pick for the 4pm arrival time. You can leave me a msg if you plan to pick up at a time more convenient, sat or sunday.

Eggs are back to normal pricing, thanks to all for coming last week with extra orders. Will hope to see you this week too!

The young Perpetual Green chard is really yummy and tender. We had a full bed of it in the greenhouse over the winter, it went to seed and self-propagated a month ago or so. Now is prime condition for salad greens or sauteing, steaming, soups. All leaves no stem.

Also now ready are new crop carrots, beets and lettuce, to add to the squash, tomatoes (including Beefsteak), garlic, cilantro, parsley, watermelon, chives, Russet potatoes, onions, kale, spinach and arugula.

In the fruits department: apples, blackberries, pears, asian pears, and tomatoes.

Special this week: Beef roasts 15% off listed price. Most are around 3 to 4 lbs. Try cutting in steak slices, marinating and barbequing. I did one like that last nite, a sirloin tip roast which is fine grained, no fat, and it was tender and flavourful.

Meats are still available in good selection. If you want roasting chickens for next winter, please give me your order and deposit of $5 per bird. I have beef, pork, lamb and goose in the freezer.

I’ve posted some good content on my facebook page lately, if you haven’t friended me, please do, you’ll see a tidy collection of really current sources on the climate, and some fun stuff on farms, food and animals!

Naomi Klein posted a tender essay about the family vacation this summer on the Sunshine Coast, smokey and tarnished by the huge forest fires raging out there.

Citrus County Locally Grown:  Login Difficulties

Your On-Line Farmers Market


Checkout the Yogurt Cheese, Micros & now Focaccia Bread., See the 20 Percent DISCOUNT on eggs.

Next Market: This Thursday

MARKET WILL CLOSE 6:00 a.m. Wednesday

Noted for their Almond Butter, Amino Pepitas, Herbs & Spices., Jams & Jellies., Plants, Micro Greens, Scallions: and Yogurt Cream Cheese-Scallion Flavor

Eggs Available in 1 Doz, & 1 1/2 doz. Packs
Link to Eggs.

USDA Certified Organic Bay Leaf for $5/ounce. That’s $.18/gram (McCormick NON ORGANIC costs over $1/gram, or $28/ounce!, and organic leaf is even more expensive than that!!!) Great in soups, stews, beans, sauces and works like a charm on deterring moths in the cupboards!!!
Editors comment: Which is more incredible, the flavor or the value?

Scallions, Curly Kale and Arugula

Expecting Fall produce in just a few weeks. Peppers in short supply, birds are getting there first!!!. .


We have limited quantities of ORANGE BLOSSOM Honey, get it while is is available.
Honey in season is Wild Brazilian Pepper, creamy thick Wild Black Mangrove, and truly wildflower from summer/fall Homosassa.

BEEF: Steaks, Ribs, Hamburger, Steak Hot Dogs and Knockwurst
PORK: Chops, Ribs and Sausages
CHICKEN: Whole Chicken, Breast Quarters and Wings

Goats Milk and Cheeses, Eggs.

Certified Naturally Grown: Corn, Peppers, Tomatoes and much more

Eggs and Angora Rabbit Fibre

Not all fruits and vegetables contain pesticides, check the research from EWG.
Link to EWG’s Clean 15
We have Avocados,Bananas,Sweet Corn, Pineapples, Cabbage, Onions,

RAW Cow’s Milk including A2/A2, and RAW Goat’s Milk.


Mountain Man is made with ten butters and oils. It is creamy, bubbly, and extremely moisturizing! The coconut cream contains natural antioxidants. It has 17 amino acids that build and repair cells. The kaolin clay is a great exfoliator, which also helps circulation.

Check to see if we have Eggs from Free Range Heritage Ducks & Chickens
Link to Eggs
Now a Pickup Point for Floral City and East Inverness areas

Enjoy browsing the products from the comfort of your own home.
Delivery to your home is available in most areas. Just $8.00


Click on the text below to go to the Market."

GFM :  Coming Soon

Just a few Days away ! Sept. 30, 9 am to 1 pm

Country Christmas Craft and Produce Fair.

And what a line up of Vendors !

You don’t want to miss this one !

Check our Facebook Daily for updates on the vendors that will be there.

Do some early Christmas Shopping.

If you are a crafter and have things to sell, we are still taking Vendors.

Just Call Judy @ 42-552-3023 right now for more information.



Fall is here, October is days away, the leaves are starting to turn, and it feels like July. Go figure. And we’re still irrigating!

Where’s the garlic? I have to go through what remains and set aside some for planting. Hopefully, after doing that there will be more to offer.

For those whose funds are close to gone in their account you can use up what remains and then pay by the week from now until the end of the season.

For example – if you have $10 left and you order $20 worth this week you can pay for the difference with a check or cash. For future orders this season you can pay by check or cash when you pick up.

Checks should be made out after you pick up because the final total may differ from the original total on the invoice.

For those who pick up at Union Mill payment should be mailed to Tim Winship, PO Box 143, Temple, NH 03084. Checks should be made out to Tim Winship

Questions? Comments? Please let me know.


Fresh Harvest, LLC:  Fresh Harvest Reminder! Get Last of Season's Tomatoes!

To Contact Us

Fresh Harvest, LLC
Link to Fresh Harvest
Email us!
Tallahassee May


Market News


You can still get your summertime tomato fix this week! These cherry tomatoes are small but mighty, packing a big flavor! They are delicious quickly roasted or sautéed as well as raw!

Lots of good items still available, so please head on over to the Market and place your order. Ordering ends Tuesday evening!

See you Wednesday!
John and Tallahassee

Coming Events

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Champaign, OH:  Way Down Yonder In The Paw Paw Patch

Because you knew it was coming…because of this big news from Valley View Woodlands!!

I wanted to let our fellow market members know that Valley View Woodlands has just listed our pawpaws for the first time.  Our pawpaw orchard is finally coming into maturity, and this is our first real harvest.  The varieties we planted were selected for size and taste.  I’m sure anyone who tastes them will agree—they are delicious!  They are currently the world’s hottest food trend.  In recent months they have been featured in many articles, including a cover story in a gourmet magazine. 
Eaten fresh with a spoon, or used to make ice cream, mousse, or smoothies, people love the banana-mango flavor.  Check the market for an ice cream recipe. It’s a tropical treat we can grow right here in Champaign County.  The colorful pulp is very nutritious, ranking with oranges and bananas in vitamins and minerals.  It is also loaded with anti-oxidants.  There is also currently research going on involving pawpaws’ cancer-fighting properties.
One other exciting note is that by next week we hope to have pawpaw trees for sale.  These are trees we have grown from seed.  We will feature grafted varieties—they are grafted like apples to propagate known improved cultivars.  Seeds collected from our orchard will also be available so that folks can start their own trees.  We will send out another notice when they are available. 
Thanks to our fellow market members for their support!

Marc Stadler
Valley View Woodlands!!

Green Fork Farmers Market:  Weekly product list

Dear Green Fork Farmers Market Customers:

NEW this week! Beyond Organics has sweet potatoes available.

Riverside Specialty Farm also has pumpkins available. PIE!

Vegetables—Radishes, pumpkins, turnip greens, celery, eggplant, tomatoes, tomatillos, okra, many varieties of sweet and hot peppers, potatoes, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, onions, and squash.

Eggs—From pastured hens.

Meat--Pastured beef and chicken.

Olives and Olive Oil—Direct from the organic grower in California.

Fermented foods—jalapenos.

Salsa—Tomato and tomatillo salsas made with locally grown and organic ingredients.

Live plants—Fig trees.

Crafts—Natural, handmade soy candles scented with pure essential oils (no toxic chemicals!)

Place your order now, then pick up and pay on Wednesday from 4-6 pm at Nightbird Books in Fayetteville.

We will also have a selection of locally grown and handmade goods available for sale from the table at the market on Wednesday.

We look forward to seeing you!

Green Fork Farmers Market
Wednesdays 4-7 pm
Indoors, Year Round
Inside Nightbird Books
205 W. Dickson St.
Fayetteville, AR

To place your order, click on the link below to enter the website. Sign in as a customer, then click on the icon next to each product you wish to order. Proceed to checkout, review the list to make sure it’s correct, then scroll to the bottom and click on Place This Order. Make sure you receive a confirmation email—-if you don’t, your order was not processed. Payment is at the market pickup with cash, check, debit/credit card, EBT, and Senior FMNP coupons. Ask about our doubling program for EBT and SFMNP!

Fountain Fresh Dairy LLC:  Market

Hello everyone, just a reminder that orders for tomorrow need to to be in by 8pm tonight! Thanks!

Heirloom Living Market Lilburn:  Countdown to close! Have you placed your order?

Market closes at 8:00pm TONIGHT!

I cannot stress enough the need for us to meet minimum ordering amounts for delivery to be feasible for our Farmers as well as to keep the Market open! At the present time, we are 1/2 way to minimum! If you haven’t ordered, please click the link below and place your order now!

Want to add a comment for your Farmer? Please use Box directly under the product on the Check-out Page. Comments put in Large Text Box at Bottom of Page DO NOT get seen by the Farmer!

Ordering for both the Lilburn Market and the Snellville Market will happen at:

Heirloom Living Market

Remember to Order:

Bakery Goods – My Daily Bread
Eggs – Cedar Rock Dairy (by 8:00pm Sunday!)
Eggs – Little Tots Estate
Grass-fed Meats – Heritage Farm
Gluten Free Bakery – No Gluten Inc.
Grains & Flour – So-Koi
Medicinal Salves – Bella Vista Farm
Medicinal Teas – Bella Vista Farm
Microgreens – Cedar Seeder Wellness Farm
Mushrooms – Bella Vista Farm
Natural Personal Care Products – Bella Vista Farm
Raw Cow Milk – Cedar Rock Dairy (by 8:00pm Sunday!)
Raw Goat Milk – Little Tots Estate
Spices & Seasonings – So-Koi
Veggies – Back River Farm
Doug’s Garden
Fry Farm
Grow with the Flow
The Veggie Patch

Ordering and Pickup Information

Snellville Pickup Location
Cedar Seeder Wellness Farm
Pickup Day and Time: Thursday 2:30pm – 5:30pm
Pickup Location:
The Farm
4108 Anderson Livsey Lane
Snellville, GA 30039

Click Here for Map

Lilburn Pickup Location
All Saints Lutheran Church
Pickup Day and Time: Thursday 3:30pm – 6:30pm
Pickup Location:
722 Rockbridge Road SW
Lilburn, GA 30047

Click Here for Map

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